Wednesday, September 26, 2007

चक दे इंडिया

Saturday, September 15, 2007

T20:New age cricket

For the first time I saw the T20 match in which India played and just it was a strange feeling of excitement. The way the match went just gave me a feeling that this format is really going to be a big hit in the days to come and will change the way people watch cricket as entertainment. The game is likely to become more interesting just like one day cricket is more unpredictable than test match. The T20 format will bring more uncertainty into the game.

This means that the dominance of any team in the game will be difficult and the fate of the team may be decided in one over or ball or even bowl out as we saw in the India Pakistan match. T20 reminded me of good old days when we used to play pithoo(laghori) ,exciting match and this format will surely take the game to next level.However the format will do one thing for sure, it will make it a more team oriented game as the difference between a great player and an ordinary player will reduce. However the good ones will continue to make merry.

Cricket although a team game is still followed due to star players and I'm hoping that people will come to watch the match rather than individual players perform well. With huge prize money and different formats this surely indicates that everyone is betting on T20 as the next big thing in cricket. The addition of another format of this game we will have cricket 360 days a year or even more as we may have different teams for different versions of the game.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Internet's black holes