Saturday, October 13, 2007

They are back :)

We've just been sort of waiting for some of this bad music to die down, for
certain trends to go away, so we can get out there on the dance floor again."

Don Henley

Well in case if you have been thinking that the good old days of “Menz” rock band are over and that you will never get to hear the big guys …..just think again because the menz are back with a bang on the music scene and they are better than ever before.

The Eagles are back with a brand new album and they sound better than ever before.Lets hear and read what the big boys are talking and also don’t miss the video from the new album “Long road out of eden”. Don Henley talks about Eagles first studio album in 28 years (yes almost as old as I’m) :DD.

He says” "I just turned 60... I'm thrilled and delighted. None of us ever thought it would go on this long. But we are a determined bunch of guys. We take our time, we are not afraid of the passage of time.

Check out the new video from the album with is likely to be released on 30th Oct.

This is not the end of the good news folks, our big man Mark Knopfler's new album “Kill to crimson” is another treat from the legendary king of Guitar.The song “true love will never fade” is really a treat for all knopfler's fan.True to his style its groovy, soothing and trademark knopfler strings and his baritone just sounds perfect.Check out the live performance of the song in Berlin.