Monday, November 28, 2005

Music:Divine Mantra for your soul

The colour of love, the language of music, the passion of sports and the fear of death are some of the most enthralling puzzles which plagues my mind. The more I try and analyze and comprehend the meaning, the interpretations become more and more intense as I delve deep into these themes.

Music is something which I feel have really explored to the best. Why I say this is cause I try and immerse myself in all possible kinds of musical influence I can .Believe me right from country to folks, hard rock to trance,bhojpuri to bhangra,sufi to reggae , Mozart to Yanni, Alla rakha to Jethro Tull,A R Rehman to Leonardo Cohen, everything kind of music give me the best possible kick. It gives a new perspective, a new meaning new vision. Perhaps I consider myself blessed to be born in a country which has given me the opportunity to listen to so many variations of music.

My musical journey has been a roller coster, initially it was eclectic and I tried only special stuff, but with passage of time I realized that music can’t be divided in categories. I guess the thing that's the real beauty of this most passionate experience. Puritans say that Music was Devil's gift and gosh what a gift to mankind.

Probably music is the single most powerful medium which unites mankind. No other medium can cut across race, religion, nation's boundary, colour and age as music does. Internet has become a force to reckon with in the recent years but the history of music uniting mankind goes back to centuries. Let’s just hope that we have greater Messiah of this wonderful medium in the days to come.

And as Shakespeare said "If music be thy food of love play on"....So play on folks and spread the message of love.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Fear of the Dark

Often people ask me about the layout of this blog. Probably the black layout makes it appear a little mysterious than most of the regular layouts. If you were to go by the popular notion Black represents power, passion, greed, anger, mystery, death, evil and also its an inauspicious one.

Somehow on the contrary I have a strong affinity for the shade. I guess it’s not as unreliable and confusing as any other colour. Perhaps a shade of grey is all what can confuse you but other that that it's pretty neat.

However darkness is something which brings the best out of some of us. At times darkness spurs me to think very innovatively and creatively about issues which I generally ignore or fail to take notice during daytime. Not that I prefer nights over day but perhaps darkness has its own aura and charm.

The fear of unknown and the unseen lurks deep inside all and that’s what makes it all the more fascinating. The silence of the night and the eerie of nothingness leads to strange reactions.

At times it will make you shudder, give you a swing of mood, inspire you to push yourself and sometimes may bring the evil side of you. I guess this observation helps you a lot to know yourself much deeply and the unexplored part of your persona.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Dark Shadows

My fascination with my shadows continues.Just came across some wonderful thought provoking images.Just couldnt resist the temptations to share.

Another Part of me

Its feels so nice to be back in your own little world of lost dreams and incoherent thoughts. Probably that’s the reason I missed so much my blogs so much when I am unable to key my thoughts and ideas.

In some of my previous post I experimented with the ideas of pictoral expression and I felt it was really exciting. It’s a nice feeling to find pictures which express thoughts ideas and connect to our emotions instantly. Probably pictures also carry a stronger feeling and in today’s world of instant emotions, they are really effective in striking a chord straight ahead.

At times I feel that people who know me should not read my posts on my blog.Now that's a real strange thought ,even I think so ,but then I believe the one's who do not know me will surely interpret the thoughts differently than the one's who know me personally. Ideally I would love to see the different interpretations the same ideas could generate and the possible impact of perceptual interpretation. Often wonder that perhaps the notion of prejudging is much stronger in each one of us that we actually know about. I guess it natural but then it also predictive which makes it that much boring.

I would love to be an incognito, at least on my blogs and then express my inner most thought. I guess that would really allow me to experiment a little with my thoughts. I guess most of us structure our thoughts, expressions as per the social milieu around, that’s just to gain social acceptance. However somewhere I feel lies a different person within all of us, having different aspirations, ideas and dreams. I just wish this blog could be my window to the unknown part of me.