Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Pledge

Here comes another Republic day of India.

My generation takes freedom and independence for granted. It takes motley situations of different nature to stir them up from deep slumber and inertia. It could the images of terrorist bleeding the heart of Mumbai or even a A R Rehman’s song. We are free, independent, vocal, intelligent, smart …….yeah we are cool about it.

We don’t compromise on “my space” “my life” “my time” “my friends” “my career” , it goes on and on. So when it comes to “WE as a nation” it really makes us think hard. I thought about it “kya kare” am I doing my bit? Is it good enough? Net activism and candle light processions will not make difference to the lives of millions. Just can’t procrastinate it any more, I’ll always find reasons to say “next time” after I’m done with this responsibility of mine. So finally it’s come to a point where I said myself “It’s now or never” and let me do introspection on what I can do as a citizen first.

So I’ll make an honest attempt to do my “2 cent (aana) “and try and be a better, more responsible citizen. My wish is that every citizen has a “things to do” list for himself and let’s just try and make an honest effort. I guess most of us are doing it, or may be helping the ideas in some or other way. We need to keep emphasizing these virtues in our day to day life.

Let's take this simple 8 point citizens pledge for India. Let's so our bit in making this country a better place. This is no political party or a social movement, these are simple things which you can do in your daily life and make a big difference.

· I will cast my vote to decide my public representatives.

· I will pay my taxes on time.

· I will never pay any bribe.

· I will report any act of crime, corruption and public nuisance.

· I will never litter at any public place and follow traffic rules.

· I will contribute few days in a year for philanthropic cause.

· I will donate a small part of my party budget to support child education and health.

· I will respect and give equal treatment to every citizen, irrespective of gender, caste, religion and region.
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