Sunday, December 31, 2006

Just another year ? :o)

Here comes another new year, new day and new beginning. This happens to be the first post of my year and I decided that it has to be on my first blog buzzz ;o).Buzz continues to be the only space in my virtual existence where I share my personal thoughts, feelings and life experiences. Despite being a blogger for almost two years now I have never been able to express my day to day experiences and intense personal thoughts on my blogs.

I decided this post of mine will be an exception, just another way to kick start this new year. One of the reasons why I seldom share my personal experiences is due to my indecisiveness in working out the significance of the event in my life. I think its always better to look back after a while and give your experiences a different perspective.

Last year was significant in terms of some of the ideas on which I have been working over for some time. Projects and ideas close to my heart are shaping up well and its been very satisfying and an intense, profound experience of sublime humility to see them in action. I think blogging has also been a part of that experience and the amazing reach and connectivity and impact of the blogs and social network continues to make collaboration and reaching out an exciting experience.

Work has been good fun and somehow I have been able to manage and prioritize activities much better than last year and just get a feeling that I can survive in chaos ;o)…its so much fun to be a little disorganized and still continue to chase your dreams. The interesting thing is that my 360 degree feedback shows I need to improve my time management skills but I guess it wont be fun be a perfect one ..heheheh.yes I can afford to laugh on myself today…

So what next ???

Well I continue to have more fun blogging and chasing my dreams. I’m very lazy when it comes to change myself and yeah I think the imperfections makes me always strive for something better, so no new resolutions and I’ll be just what I am .I guess my neighbours must be disappointed to know this as they may be hoping I do not blast music at high decibels as I have always done in the past. There is a part of me which is highly non conformist and borders on the verge of a rebel. I have always been a passive admirer of this non-rational, emotive and passionate part of me which is more spontaneous and vulnerable. At the same time I think my grey cells continues to make a more condensed and phlegmatic to life’s vagaries. I guess you can call it a war of heart over mind, but I feel there is no point in being so evaluative and critical of myself today. Let us celebrate what we are and make the best of our ability, I just hope I am able to give my existence a better meaning and a relevant existence to my human identity and be a better human being.

Enough….I will continue to get up late, I will continue to be a teetotaler, a veggie, a die hard music buff, 24*7 blogger, romanticist, Theist, erratic, …and last but not the least hopefully happy and single :D)

Happy New Year Folks !!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

American Pie

Music Video:

Right here waiting

Sunday, December 10, 2006

This is the end .....

Looking back at life today, I realize how much I have lost and found,

The touch, the pain, anger and joy, the agony of losing someone you love,

The angst of loneliness, the dreams which always remained unfulfilled,

My wanderings which I never expressed, thoughts which never got words,

Lonely tears of a wailing heart, the lacerated soul, ever searching ghosts of mortal desires.

The end of innocence, the pangs of the bitter truth that you are gone,

How the music faded, how the sun went down,

How the innocence of youth gave way to the ways to the mundane jaded world.

How I lost the precocious unbridled charm of a passionate heart,

My destiny, my pain, how the child within me cries every night,

How my faith belies my own hopes, my vices smirk at my virtues,

How truth fought the lonely war, loosing you means loosing my innocent self, my faith, my god, my life…..