Sunday, December 10, 2006

This is the end .....

Looking back at life today, I realize how much I have lost and found,

The touch, the pain, anger and joy, the agony of losing someone you love,

The angst of loneliness, the dreams which always remained unfulfilled,

My wanderings which I never expressed, thoughts which never got words,

Lonely tears of a wailing heart, the lacerated soul, ever searching ghosts of mortal desires.

The end of innocence, the pangs of the bitter truth that you are gone,

How the music faded, how the sun went down,

How the innocence of youth gave way to the ways to the mundane jaded world.

How I lost the precocious unbridled charm of a passionate heart,

My destiny, my pain, how the child within me cries every night,

How my faith belies my own hopes, my vices smirk at my virtues,

How truth fought the lonely war, loosing you means loosing my innocent self, my faith, my god, my life…..


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