Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Buzzing myself

Blogging has become one of my favourite pastimes.In the past few months i have visited numerous blog sites ,and each blog site has given me new reason to believe that indeed this is one tool which is very different but highly successful medium of communication.
Blogging has reinforced my firm belief in the fact that everyone loves to be heard and express his ideas and thoughts in every possible medium. Thus we find that right from corporates to local panwala, school going kids to Management Guru's from Print media to Electro media every one seems to be swayed by this wonderful and unique mode of expression.
In one of my previous blogs I had mentioned about the fact that technology can be a great leveller, similarly blogs have also become a tool which can bridge societal gaps and no matter which part of the world you are staying in as long as you can access internet you can reach out to the whole world.
What has really surprised me is the fact that good blogs on various sensitive issues really makes people aware of issues which we generally tend to ignore.For example during Sunami I was really aghast at the graphic and ghastly details of human sufferings on the blogs.
I have done some analysis on my own part ot understand how blogging has helped me.Initially I thought putting my ideas on blogs will help me understand myself better.I have an honest opinion about myself that I am highly eratic and higly desperate to do too many things at a time.
Perhaps one of the reason i choose the name BUZZ since I continously fight to stop the perpetual buzz of ideas and varied thoughts in my mind.At a single point of time I may be tinkering with 2-3 different concepts which ultimately leads to nothing fruitful,but I believe this habit of mental buzzing has helped me to have an opinion about almost anything I come across in my life.
Another issue is the fact that one must be able to see how perception and thoughts undergo change, although at one point of time my thoughts may be related to a particular experience of mine but over a period of time and since we are all always trying to match the great pace of life, one seems to be lost every now and then.The process of thought crystallization requires that one must be able to introspect and blogs really help you to introspect.
Another thought which just buzzed me was the fact that every individual loves to talk to himself and perhaps in today's individualistic society one feels the need to find better way of communicating with his own self.I truly believe that blogs help you to have better communicate with your own self.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Living on the edge

It was my birthday on 21st and Manish gifted me a nice ORIGINAL copy of Richard Branson's autobiography "Loosing MY Virginity". It was such a joyride reading thorugh those pages, infact I covered nearly half the novel in a single sitting.

It has some great insight about the way one can shape up his career, in a real rollicking way and still live life to fullest.Branson talks about his early days ,his family,school and college.Perhaps you are rather amazed at his confidence and insight level even when he was in school.

Eessentially it has all the flavour which Virgin group represents action,thrill, risk, passion, sex and desire of living on the edge.

But the thing which really fascinated me the most was the details of British Music industry scene in 60 till 80's.Branson desribes how Bands made music and how Virgin started as a small music store and went on to become a big Brand and later invested in large no. of industries such as aviation,hotels and also brought an Island.

It was indeed a great reading.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

BUZZ is back .............

After a hiatus of nearly 3 months i am back to this favourite blog of mine.BUZZ .........when i started blogging i thought may be its just another techno fad which I am used to for the last 7-8 yrs.But BOY I am really hooked to it now.It all strated with BUZZ but now I have two other blogs hrfunda and coolbihari ,both blogs are related to my yahoo groups.

HR funda I think has become a great success ,when i started out i had no clue regrading the no. of likely members.But gosh ..............................7 months down the lane its 350 members strong and now when i get mails from its group members asking about various issues it really feels nice to be the group owner.
I think the success of HR funda promted me to set up the cool bihari group , a long cherished dream of mine to wear my bihari sleeve right up on my collar......With cool bihari I look forward to have some great action in future.Lets just hope things move the way we have planned.
Life i think has changed a lot after broadband has started in Patna.It wasn't long ago that i used to make N no. of attempts just to log on via the dail up connection.I think its a great boon for nerds like me who dont mind spending hrs and hrs like ZOMBIE in front of the comp.
Well to be honest i do little relevent thing on net,most of the time its either search for some new audio sofwares or reading some obnoxious blog.But the thing which has really hooked me these days is the peer to peer softwares .I think its just too cool yaar.
I recently downloaded some good old snuffy puffy oldies stuff like everly brothers and my good old country music lord Garth Brooks.I was really searching for them desperately.THANK GOD BROADBAND is here to say.
In my next post i'll share a nice story of our very own BSNL senior officer views on broadband in Bihar.I'll b posting most of my buzzings on and so keep reading........Anyways u guys must check out Mark Knofpler's shangrila its classic and vinatge stuff.