Monday, August 22, 2005

Living on the edge

It was my birthday on 21st and Manish gifted me a nice ORIGINAL copy of Richard Branson's autobiography "Loosing MY Virginity". It was such a joyride reading thorugh those pages, infact I covered nearly half the novel in a single sitting.

It has some great insight about the way one can shape up his career, in a real rollicking way and still live life to fullest.Branson talks about his early days ,his family,school and college.Perhaps you are rather amazed at his confidence and insight level even when he was in school.

Eessentially it has all the flavour which Virgin group represents action,thrill, risk, passion, sex and desire of living on the edge.

But the thing which really fascinated me the most was the details of British Music industry scene in 60 till 80's.Branson desribes how Bands made music and how Virgin started as a small music store and went on to become a big Brand and later invested in large no. of industries such as aviation,hotels and also brought an Island.

It was indeed a great reading.

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