Monday, November 28, 2005

Music:Divine Mantra for your soul

The colour of love, the language of music, the passion of sports and the fear of death are some of the most enthralling puzzles which plagues my mind. The more I try and analyze and comprehend the meaning, the interpretations become more and more intense as I delve deep into these themes.

Music is something which I feel have really explored to the best. Why I say this is cause I try and immerse myself in all possible kinds of musical influence I can .Believe me right from country to folks, hard rock to trance,bhojpuri to bhangra,sufi to reggae , Mozart to Yanni, Alla rakha to Jethro Tull,A R Rehman to Leonardo Cohen, everything kind of music give me the best possible kick. It gives a new perspective, a new meaning new vision. Perhaps I consider myself blessed to be born in a country which has given me the opportunity to listen to so many variations of music.

My musical journey has been a roller coster, initially it was eclectic and I tried only special stuff, but with passage of time I realized that music can’t be divided in categories. I guess the thing that's the real beauty of this most passionate experience. Puritans say that Music was Devil's gift and gosh what a gift to mankind.

Probably music is the single most powerful medium which unites mankind. No other medium can cut across race, religion, nation's boundary, colour and age as music does. Internet has become a force to reckon with in the recent years but the history of music uniting mankind goes back to centuries. Let’s just hope that we have greater Messiah of this wonderful medium in the days to come.

And as Shakespeare said "If music be thy food of love play on"....So play on folks and spread the message of love.