Monday, November 21, 2005

Fear of the Dark

Often people ask me about the layout of this blog. Probably the black layout makes it appear a little mysterious than most of the regular layouts. If you were to go by the popular notion Black represents power, passion, greed, anger, mystery, death, evil and also its an inauspicious one.

Somehow on the contrary I have a strong affinity for the shade. I guess it’s not as unreliable and confusing as any other colour. Perhaps a shade of grey is all what can confuse you but other that that it's pretty neat.

However darkness is something which brings the best out of some of us. At times darkness spurs me to think very innovatively and creatively about issues which I generally ignore or fail to take notice during daytime. Not that I prefer nights over day but perhaps darkness has its own aura and charm.

The fear of unknown and the unseen lurks deep inside all and that’s what makes it all the more fascinating. The silence of the night and the eerie of nothingness leads to strange reactions.

At times it will make you shudder, give you a swing of mood, inspire you to push yourself and sometimes may bring the evil side of you. I guess this observation helps you a lot to know yourself much deeply and the unexplored part of your persona.


Uma said...

About Black...same thoughts here Ajit...

Black is what shows me the Twinkling stars, bright Moon... they show me the way to my work!!!

Darkness is where the scope of Light exists!!!

Uma said...

Same thoughts here, Ajit!!

I appreciate dark! It inspires me.

Itz in night I see twinkling stars, bright moon, who show the poet face to me...and later itz dark that gives more scope to the transitional phase... I love to see the dark turn bright...the amazing part of dark!!!