Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Brighter Side of the Story

A lot is being debated about the proposed reservation policy in media and blogsphere.I am somehow little reserve about expressing my personal view on on this subject.But on the other hand i think it is just one of the things which will continue to happen because of the vote bank politics.I am getting so many mails on my groups regarding this, we also have an online petiton going on to protest against the move.Now instead of getting into the negatives of this Pandora's Box let's have a look at the likely positives of the coming reservation policy.

1) As the no. of people from reserved category increase in institutions the first thing which may happen is that the so called elite institutes will open gates to people from all strata's of societies.

2) This may lead to greater sensitivity towards the development cause of the BIMARU states like Bihar,UP ,Orissa and MP as I have every reason to believe that people from less privileged sections of the society have a greater urge to pay-back to the place where they belong to.

3) With greater no. of seats getting reserved across spectrum the biggest flip to this would be industrialization. Now if you remember correctly few years back some section of our society would never venture to any entrepreneur initiative on their own .The general mindset was that this not their cup of tea.

4) The last decade saw a big change in the mindset of this segment of society which was simply happy getting the degrees from universities and doing the BABU TYPE-SARKARI-SECURED- jobs. One of the great demerits which these jobs created was that we had a very risk adverse society which would never invest or venture out .The new wave of industrialization took away old structure by storm and now the same segment which was meritorious but unadventurous took the plunge to entrepreneurship and working towards creation of greater wealth in society.

5) One of the likely fall outs of the proposed scheme could be that more and more people will think about alternate careers and diverse approach towards life and work. Probably we'll also see technology being used extensively for creating more alternate jobs. As a society we will simply be not happy having any engineering or Doctorate degree but would be more appreciated for creating value and doing different things.

Having said that I would also like to assert that one of the best things which you can do to adapt to the change is "to choose what you want o choose or you'll be forced to choose what you don't want to choose".

So next time when your kid come and tell you that he wants to be Indian Idol (be serious about it and don't chide him to go back to studies).

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