Saturday, January 29, 2005

Time changes

Life at times posses challenges which one can only ponder about and overcome with passage of time.Ideals, notions,beliefs commitment,ideology and perception everything is subject to one's personal expereince and changing times. They all change with changing times, i guess is it about being felxible or changing with times.Sometimes you are badly caught in the maze of perplexity when you know that you should change but another voice within you always goads you to stick to what you have firmly beleived in and stood for.
But looking back at lifes expereinces i feel that one's mind must be progressive and ever flowing like a river and its only when you allow your self to change you learn how to make decisions.Sometimes we even pay heavy price for the change but eventually changing with times keeps one open to expereinces and allows one to test the real stuff one is made up of.Thats what Bob Dylan also says "times they are changing".


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