Sunday, January 30, 2005

Destiny and life

Many times we ask ourselves are we responsible for our lives and the state of affairs we find ourselves in.Is life really all about destiny or do we anchor our own lives and become the master of our destiny.As times passes our belief in destiny strengths and sometimes it even makes us feel that mortals like us are simply acting as per the script written by the almighty.Suddenly then the thought arises in your mind about the reason for existence.
You are beset by the notions of philosophical overtones and your mind wonders. You search for answer and you try to define life.Sometimes you feel you are fully aware of the reason for your existence and sometimes you feel helpless by the twists of destiny.Their are times when you are out and then their are times you feel a divine power helping your cause.Even amidst great pain you experience a great strength and even during happy times sorrow engulfs you.You try to find answers to all that you feel and all that you see.
But its only when you realise that life is not about being knowing everything ,its not just about finding a cause and effect relation.Its much deeper and much stronger that mere cause of existence.Life i guess is all about experiencing the twist and turns ,sorrow and fun and learning how to come in terms with this state of being called destiny.Its about how you live and keep your spirits high.

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