Tuesday, April 12, 2005

How Blogging has changed us

After a long time I am back to logging. Over the last few weeks i have read some of the blogs from around the world. Although I consider myself as a late starter but I really feel happy to be a part of the this new wave which is creating its own identity and culture.

I have been trying to understand the concept of Blogging and in my mind their is no doubt that blogging is a strong indicator of our changed life style and cultural mileu. Essentially blogging is a way of reaching out to people to known and also the unknown. That just shows how we have deep desire to have one to one contact. Human being may have adopted technology in a big way but essentially all technological devices have helped us gel better and establish better communication. Distance seems to be now matter of connectivity and data transfer rate.

Thankfully blogging is a wonderful medium of expression and also an indicator how technology can enhance human connectivity and strengthen human relations. So its time we allay our fears on technology replacing human beings and changing our social fabric.

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