Thursday, April 14, 2005

What it is .......?

Many a times i find that my belief about my own self is most inacurate and unreliable.Life in the last few weeks has changed drastically all because of one person.Sometimes i wonder am i the same person i was a few weeks back, is it me or someone else.Ideas which appeared ridiculous to my intellect and mind now appears adventurous and exciting. Things which were highly irrelevent to me now seems to be of great meaning.

This reminds me of my some old ideas which i thought would stay forever with me .Suddenly all seems to have changed , i dont know if this change is going to have a lost lasting impact on my future but one thing is for sure my present is a sure joyride.It has its share of pain and joy , fun and frolic, nostalgia and taers , agony and anger, desperation and frustation.Often wonder what it is ...............

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