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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Strange but true

I gave this funny but exciting quiz and you can see the result. It’s true that the instrument you play, the kind of music you listen to and your basic personality type has very strong linkage.However most of times I find that the choice of music depends more on individual’s mood and particular situation than just one type of music. But I guess the choice of instrument one play's is definitely an indicator of one's individual's personality.


Shikha said...

Something wrong with the link u have given

blackempress said...

INteresting. didnt work with me either.
Btw I read ur earlier posts too. I like u includin that bout the journalism. Agreed, It shudnt happen with anyone, regardless of muslims, hindus, Christians etc.
Everyone has sentiments for their own leaders & its insanity to test anyone's loyalty.
That was the purpose of freedom.

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