Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Just Remember Death is not the end

Oh, the tree of life is growing
Where the spirit never dies
And the bright light of salvation shines
In dark and empty skies
When the cities are on fire with the burning flesh of men
Just remember that death is not the end
And you search in vain to find just one law abiding citizen
Just remember that death is not the endNot the end, not the end:

Like many others in blogsphere I’ve been watching, reading the Jessica Lal murder case with great interest. The kind of media coverage, support and mass debate and public trail which we’ve witnessed in this case was perhaps never seen before.

It has raised some uneasy questions about the judicial trails and police investigation procedure in our country. Everyday we find some or other ex-officer or bureaucrat ,legal eagle, a typical pg 3 celebrity and last but not the least , new age gung-ho electro-journalist trying ot deliver justice or rather deliverance to the poor departed soul of Jessica lal via television channels.

We also have petitions, SMS petitions, blog petitions and god knows what else, reports that people in Manu Sharma’s home town are boycotting him socially .In Delhi people took out candle light procession , staged a Dharna to protest and raise their concerns.

What more even Sheila Dixit had to speak her mind out “I think the Jessica Lal case is a touching case in which justice does not appear to have been done? I think all women are feeling extremely distressed about it. And I do hope that the law will take its proper course and justice will be brought to the case, which has suffered from injustice", she told reporters in New Delhi.

OK ……what’s the point of saying all this on Blog………..

First let me make this very clear that I support the drive to book the culprit and must appreciate the fact that suddenly people realize that how easy it is to getaway with murder in this country.

But now my question is why these people can’t come out in protest of the poor and common man when females are paraded naked and stripped to death.

Children, women’s and families have been massacred over the years in the various parts of the country. I guess they are not even aware of these issues.

Most of these Pg3 people who take give emotive speeches on channels questioning the whole judicial process in the country will never blink an eyelid if they ever get an opportunity to circumvent the system and get away with something as heinous as murder.

What pains me the most is the fact that IT TOOK A MODEL TURNED BARTENDER murder by Manu Sharma in a typical socialite party, which was attended by more than 100 people from the high flying pg 3 crowd, to raise this debate and protest.

My only concern is how long the media trail and public consciousness will continue to drive to make the necessary efforts for bringing in better trails and investigation system in the country.

The question is here is not just that of a murderer getting away on account of lack of substantial evidence but the fact that do we need only celebrity trails to shaken our consciousness and awareness about our system?

Who will speak for the common man?

Who will debate for a speedy and just trail of the thousands cases of murder, rape and other heinous crime which are never heard or covered by the media?

Will the same group of people come out with candles if it were not for high profile case like Jessica?


Mayank Krishna said...

Man, you have hit where it hurts. Why page 3 people are going so emotional on this issue has a reason. They are relating to it and hence feel that it may happen to them also. On the other hand, when a common man is murdered it doesn't generate same emotions from page 3 people because they don't relate to it. Anyway, common man is a son of lesser Gods for whom page 3 people don't care much. If a common man dies it's normal for them but when one of them dies then it's threatning. Hence, the selective hullabaloo!

And media, as usual, goes where celebrities go.

It's a harsh Indian reality. The mindset of people as well as media must change if justice has to find a decent place in Indian society.

Sanjay Lakhotia said...

One must also note that there were quite a few of the same p3 celebrities who either did not come forward to give witness or backtracked their statements.

Atul said...

Here is my take on this. As I said in a previous post, we live in an "attention economy". It is difficult to attract attention to any cause today. Hence the point Ajit is rasing is very pertinent. Any life is important and so is Jessica's. If all the media outcry and especially the Page 3 people making noise are focussed on justice to Jessica lal alone then that is not right. If they use this case as an example case in reforming the judicial system , witness protection plans etc then surely is a worthy cause. But unfortunately the focus here is on how come a celebrity has met injustice. In that sense very valid to raise this question on why Jessica and why not the hue and cry on the injustice to a polce man on duty (Alauddin case in Bihar) as an example

Nabeel said...

ohh ya .. it is an end .. end of waiting for the true life .. the after life