Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Playground for Imagination

Sometimes I feel I'm not able to do justice to this personal blog of mine as I'm really stuck with my other blogs HR FUNDA,THE JOBSHOP and COOL BIHARI. Although all my blogs have content for specific target group but Buzz happens to be my personal space.

I've seldom posted about my personal stuff, day to day happenings and encounters on my blog. If I were to start writing about all those stuff then I'm sure I'll have to make a living out of it. I’ve already planned a new blog for another passion of mine which is Photography. In fact it’s an old passion which I always had apart from music. The only problem which I face in staring a photo blog is uploading the pics. My new found passion for weekend exploration tours has helped me in getting some real cool pics ,although I’m still in the process of learning this art, I’m sure this is going to be exciting.

Buzz has a guitar in the background and probably that just explains one of my most coveted but unfulfilled ambition of my life. I guess that’s one thing I’ll definitely try out before I die. In one of my earlier post I’d written about the history of guitar and its evolution. Perhaps Buzz is one such medium which allows me to give some outlet to my musical aspirations. I'm sure in the days to come I'm going to improve upon this.


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