Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Journey Continues...

Sometimes the greatest of discovery of one’s life comes through self introspection. At times I seriously feel that my thoughts and beliefs on certain issues in life are firm and unwavering. However to my own surprise and amusement I find my beliefs changing with passage of time.

It creates some confusion in my mind about my own self; the harder I try and understand my self, more confusing or rather surprising the outcomes are. May be I’m expecting my revelation to happen to soon, but the constant thought of self-awareness does leads to a heightened awareness of one’s own thought and actions.

A conscious effort to monitor one’s own action leads to some peculiar situations. Many times you’ll encounter a situation in which your mind and heart will be under perpetual conflict of arriving at a decision. In my earlier days I thought that’s part of growing up process and time will come when things will fall alright and I’ll overcome the constant ???

But the journey continues and so the surprise of discovering a new person within yourself which you never thought you were.

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Pj said...

this post is nice.
I was in class V when I started writing a diary to check if I really Change(i found difficult to believe that my ideas might be changing:) Thoughts written in my own hand rebvealed that i change overtime-surprise for me!

and yeah the journey towards revealation is an uphill one, with jerks, bumps, Regressions, indecisiveness cuz now one is on one's own!...but yeah sun shines through clouds sometimes

[Right direction, highway...only a few leave the circles to reach there:( ]