Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What's on my Mind

Life has been hectic as usual work…family…projects…dreams …the list is endless.24 hrs in a day, and so much to do, so little time. Sometimes I often wonder am I doing justice to all the projects and initiatives which I have taken. It started with HR Funda Yahoo Group, then came Buzz, HR Funda Blog,Cool Bihari , The Job Shop and finally Patna Rice. Some people have started assuming that I’m a full time blogger and I’m paid for my blogs …well I wish I were :-)

I think my own space Buzz I have not been able to express my thoughts and views on life around. I always want to be aware and conscious of the changes which I feel my thoughts are undergoing ,but sometimes the turn of events are so fast that you really don’t get to ruminate about your experiences.

What’s on my mind ………well I just wish I could change few things in my life ….


Mayank Krishna said...

Ajit bhai, you forgot to mention your photo blog ;-)

Well, it true your hands are full and you have, like anybody else, very limited time. I have been thinking of starting a dedicated marketing blog since last few months but inability to devote enough time is holding me back.

Everyone has only 24 hours but a million things on mind. Perhaps PRIORITIZATION & FOCUS are the keys to survival and happiness :-)

Ajit Chouhan said...

Thanks for reminding the Photo Blog.I guess I need to do some justice to that as well.

Have some loads of pics to upload and update.

As you said Prioritization and Focus is key but somehow I enjoy being disorganised and thriving on chaos :-) Typical Indian Mindset.

Pj said...

Thoughts are like rabbits running across the field -difficult to capture all of them as they zoom across the mind ...leave alone scribbling them down

sometimes even I bite more than I can chew...curious creatures umph

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