Monday, August 14, 2006

Paisa Vasool

Just saw Omkara and Pirates of the Caribbean this Saturday .Two very different but engaging movies in special ways. Omkara has got mixed reviews for the ingenious desi depiction of Shakespeare classic Othello. Although reports suggest that the movie has not done too well on the box office but the movie has a touch of reality .I guess we are too happy watching the typical pop corn –chewing style movies which are now where close reality .

Well the movie has got almost every thing right from the cast to cinematography .The music and cinematography deserves a special mention as it sets the context. People may crib about the use of foul language but it adds a touch f reality in the movie.

Well the same junta who is cribbing about the foul language may be happy watching the phoren movie which uses the F** word more often than .However when it comes to Hindi movies they might crib it’s indecent. Double standards are not new to us.

Well as a viewer I had a 100% paisa vasool and would expect more of such classic from Vishal Bhardwaj's in the days to come.

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