Sunday, September 11, 2005

9/11: The Road Ahead

It’s 9/11 today and the horror of twin tower collapsing returns to haunt us with the hallucinating memories of the terror attack on humanity.

For a minute let’s forget the nationality, colour, race and religion of those who have died over the years in this incinerating, mindless battle against mankind and try and understand what ails the minds of those who are committed to end the humanity for some preposterous reasons guide by fanatic notions.

For a moment lets try to understand what must be on the minds of those highjacker’s who guided the plane and crashed them against the towers. Try to figure out the conviction of the man navigating his own journey to death. I mean this man must have felt so cold when he would have seen the plane inching towards the tower and his death closing in.

The mere thought of death brings shudder but we have committed individuals whose minds have been injected with the philosophy of destroying mankind. I often wonder what if these committed souls were to be trained to serve the humanity, what if all those teaching the lessons of hatred speak the language of love, compassion and humility.

It has often been said that “war lies in the minds of men’s” and truly speaking if at all humanity has to survive we must seek out ways to treat these minds with compassion and love. I guess the very first lesson of humanity “to love and share” is what we all learn when we are born but alas we remember these virtues in our quest for supremacy.

Let’s just pray and hope this world will be a better place to live.