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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mind Mapping

Well if you thought that the idea of machine tracking human nature is far off then you are in for a surprise….

Gilad Mishne at the University of Amsterdam has developed a
mood tracking software which can guesstimate and predict your mood by analyzing your postings on the blog.

Freakonomics also has a post on this

“It tracks the blog entries of Live Journal users and aggregates their mood indicators to see how a given event (a terrorist act, a natural disaster, an election) influences societal mood".

Levitt proposed that corporations might employ a similar feedback device so that CEO's could know what their employees are thinking.
Imagine the kind of data this would generate , organisations would be able to read their customers mind,may be it will lead to a situation where one will be offered products as per the current sentiments of their prospective customers.
I guess we all would resemble like this man to the software which will be tracking our moves.Gosh this is just too scary...........

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