Friday, September 30, 2005

Living your dreams

Jim Morrison starts his song "been down so long" with a word of advice and sermonizes by saying that we are all on a cosmic ride and once we die we are going to see our lives recurring eternally forever in cinemascope, so you better have some good incidents happening there and a fitting climax .

If you start your day with the daily dose of
"The Speaking Tree" or some other soup for your ravaged soul then you can expect this kind of stuff but hey Lord Jim has his own take on life. For a man who died at just 27 years of age, I am sure he would be seeing life much different from ours. He would always be on high dose of LSD or Cocaine when ever he performed, but his songs always reflected an intense desire for emancipation. Rock music or the Devils music as it was known in early days has always stood for anti establishment and still today it symbolizes the power of youth.

Jim gospels were no different for his cult; his concerts were no less than an occult practice of creating mass hysteria or rather as some say cosmic orgasm. However what really made me ponder a lot was the fact that each generation has grown up braving numerous challenges of societal and economic pressures.

The third wave as Toffler said has really been most exciting for music. So the 60's music reflected this struggle through rock and roll and 70's saw the emergence of Rock in different genres (heavy, metal, thrash, psychedelic) .80's saw disco and floor music 90's was techno and Rap and millennium has hip hop and trance in all forms (electro, house, fusion, rave).

Essentially music symbolizes the mood and aspirations of the youth. But if one were to try and understand the underlying current of all these ages it can be captured as "freedom and I want my own rules" kind of stuff.

However after reading
Shuchika's post I really thought hard about her ideas and honestly I admire her for putting such honest and sincere post. The fact that we all grow up trying to be something and as she says" Most of us who had average childhoods are taught to be useful. Taught to contribute, to take decisions, to think, to be visionaries. We suffer from a pressure to add value. We need to have an opinion on things. Her commentreflectsrefelcts the minds of 20 something like her and many other who are happy and have loads of attitude lke been their seen that.Suchika's views on life are quite similar to what I read on indira's blog.

Indira's is another 20 sumthing girl born in trinidad and a presently in New York pursuing her studies in Environmental Engineering and also working part time.I am amazed by her intellectual thirst and ideas on life,her thoughts on religion , indian guys who run to her thinking her to be indian and then running away after knowing that she is a trini.

Perhaps that true globalisation cause you have people living in different parts of the world having very different views but highly convergent but contextual appraoch towards life.

I guess we all faced this question in our growing up years and truly speaking I face the same question everyday .Perhaps Maslow would categorise this as need for acctualisation but I feel its the desire to be what we always wanted to be free from all mundane stuff and living our passions and chasing our dreams.


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