Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mile Sur Mera Hamara

Wonderful Stuff...


shuchika said...


Opened the blog today and saw this...half my team thronged on my desk to hear... mile sur mera tumhara..

This one was a song of growing up days..remembered the first time it was telecasted on DD,I had goose pimples.

Today when i heard it again...i still have goose pimples..

one never grows over few things. childhood is one.


Wodelful Ajit.

I wish I could be an expert blogger like you.

Today all my team got so tired, becoz they all are working hard here in Bangkok and trying to fininsh the work so that we all can go homme before deewali. I opened you blog and saw this song. after hearing this Everyone got rejuvenated.

This song has amazing effect on our mind as we have grown up listening to it.

Great work Ajit.