Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Modern Times !!

Bob Dylan’s new album is creating waves all over once again and the poet philosopher singer is enjoying his popularity with the generation Y fans. Bob Dylan's first new album in five years, Modern Times, will was released on August 29. The artist's 44th album features 10 new songs recorded this past winter with Dylan on keyboards, guitars, harmonica and vocals, accompanied by his touring band.

While it has been marketed as the third in a conceptual trilogy, beginning in 1997 with Time Out of Mind, Dylan himself has rebuffed that notion; in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he stated that he "would think more of "Love and Theft" as the beginning of a trilogy, if there's going to be a trilogy."

The Rolling stone says that Modern Times is something different. It's less terrifying, less funny on first listen. But it has more command, more clarity. There is none of the digital murk of Time Out of Mind, and the snakebite live sound of Love and Theft has softened. This music is relaxed; it has nothing to prove. It is music of accumulated knowledge, it knows every move, anticipates every step before you take it.

I just heard couple of songs and as usual was lost in his haunting melodies.It has Dylan in a classic mode and as usual the songs will require repeated listening (like many other Dylan songs) before you finally get in the grove.

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