Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Those days...

Last night I was listening to a movie song which was released when I was in school. As the music played a strange sense of melancholia and deja vu struck me. It was a haunted feeling of years gone by, strong emotions overwhelmed me. I went in a flashback mode and tried to recall how things were in my life exactly 10 years back.It was 1996 and India-Pakistan hosted the Cricket world cup. I still recall the dilemma I faced when India played Pakistan in one of the most memorable World Cup contest .The Quarter final match was held a day before my 12th Boards Literature exam and I had to make a tough choice of between studying and watching the cricket match.

I fared very well in my board exams. On the day of the results I was sleeping carelessly till my friend arrived and informed me that the results are out and that I’m the school topper. I still remember calling him a jerk since I felt he was playing fool. I was expecting good marks but I was never ever sincere enough to expect the Top rank.

Life seems to have changed so much in the last 10 years. I still remember being one of the biggest pranksters in my school. I was literally thrown out of the school on ragging charges, in which I was falsely implicated. I am not sure where most of my classmates are now, cant help recalling eating out the tiffin of my classmate everyday. Those were the days when life was made of simple things and the joy of youth lied in sharing moments of laughter, cheers and pranks with my chums. Those were the days of innocence and camaraderie, life was password free and key strokes were alien.

My days in college started on a different note as I found the college life very peculiar. I think I’m lucky to have made couple of friends who still very good pals of mine and have been able to stay I touch despite all odds. One of things which you always wish in your life is to relive those days when you had some of precious moments of your life with your friends and mates. When you wake up every day and spend times with people around, you seldom realize the memories of the days will brighten up your life some other day when your chips are down.

How often we forget these simple moments spent with people from different stages in your life. I may never get to meet or hear about those folks ever in my life but then life never fails to surprise you. I wish I can tell all those people I still remember and would like to know where they are today.

We are so hassled by the ways of the world today that we seldom take a break and reflect on our past experiences. The pace of lives has changed so much that we seldom find time to think about present .So the best thing to make life a pleasant joyride is to try and make the best of what you’ve got today, think about ways how you would like to introspect and look back on your life few years from now….


Anuja said...
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Anuja said...

Even I remember that India-Pak match in the middle of our Boards exam! Can still recall falling head over heels for Jadeja during it :)


s0ulasylum said...

nostalgic moments.. *sigh*.. could sit all day and another and just think abt the past!! :) nice post!

Dr@ma Div@ said...

I do cherish and rhapsodise the good old days

Keshi said...

** It was a haunted feeling of years gone by, strong emotions overwhelmed me.

certain music, smells, sights and places take us back in is indeed a strange n mysterious feeling.


shuchika said...


great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ajit,

You have created a very good blogg and inspiring music too. I agree with you about the good old days. You can never forget past memories in your life and i think that will reveal your personality as well.

I was talking to my friend today and we realised we are known to eah other from 10 years and it was shock believe, we were studying together and now we are working and still manage to keep in touch eventhough we are in different countries now.

It was nice to know you Ajit, Good Luck and have a great day.